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Sun, Mar 17, 2019

The Baptism of Jesus

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Luke 3:18-22
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                  THE BAPTISM OF JESUS

                         LUKE 3:18-22

1.  How often did John and Jesus meet?


2.  How long did John's ministry last?

3.  In verse 21 what can we learn about Jesus praying?


4.  What is meant in verse 18 "many other exhortations":


5.  Explain according to tradition how Herod met Herodius:


6.  Where in the bible does it say that at first John didn't want to baptize Jesus?

7.  Explain verse 21 "the Heaven was opened":


8.  In verse 22 explain "like a dove":


9.  Explain the words "You are My beloved Son":


10.  Are we God's beloved?

11.  What else makes this passage significant?

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