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Sun, Mar 24, 2019

The Genealogy of Jesus

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Luke 3:23-38
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                  THE GENEALOGY OF JESUS

                              LUKE 3:23-38

1.  What can we learn when we compare all four gospels?


2.  Where in the O.T. does it mention David's lineage?

3.  What else did there need to be, when it came to the Messiah besides lineage?

4.  Explain the differences between Matthew and Luke:


5.  Explain about some of the key figures in this genealogy:

     A.  Adam

     B.  Seth

     C.  Enoch

     D.  Methuselah

     E.  Noah

      F.  Abraham

     G.  Isaac

     H.  Jacob

     I.  Judah

     J.  Boaz

     K.  David

6.  What is one of the main things we learn from these men?






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