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Sun, Oct 14, 2018

The Silence Is Broken

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Luke 1:5-14
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                      THE SILENCE IS BROKEN

                               LUKE 1:5-14

1.  What is this story about?



2.  In vs. 5 who is Abijah?


3.  Why is Malachi chapter 4 important?


4.  When did this story take place?

5.  Who was Herod and what did he do?


6.  Explain about Zacharias and Elizabeth.


7.  What was being a priest not a guarantee for faithfulness?


8.  What was it like not to be able to have children back then?


9.  What does it mean in vs. 9 "His lot fell."?


10.  Who was this angel and where else did he appear in the Bible?

11.  Why did Zacharias have nothing to fear?

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