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Sun, Feb 10, 2019

The Life of Jesus

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Luke 2:39-52
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                     THE LIFE OF JESUS

                         LUKE 2:39-52

1.  What are the three things we see here when it comes to the life of Jesus?


2.  What does Luke leave out here in verse 39?


3.  When it comes to apocryphal books, what do we need to remember?


4.  Explain why Joseph and Mary forgot the boy Jesus.


5.  Why did it take Mary and Joseph three days to find Him?


6.  According to verses 46-47, what was Jesus doing in the temple?



7.  What was one of the main things you think Jesus discussed with the religious leaders?


8.  What was Jesus saying in verse 49?


9.  How many years was Jesus subject to his parents?

10.  Explain verse 52



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