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Sun, Oct 21, 2018

What God Considers Great

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Luke 1:15-17
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                  WHAT GOD CONSIDERS GREAT

                                 LUKE 1:15-17

1.  Name some of the people who had the word great as part of their name?


2.  In the end, what will really matter?


3.  What do we know about John's lifestyle?


4.  Explain in vs 15 "He shall drink neither wine nor strong drink."


5.  Explain vs 15 "He will also be filled with the Holy Spirit"



6.  Explain vs 16 "Turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord"



7.  Explain about the different types of Jews.


8.  What does he mean by "spirit and power of Elijah"?


9.  Explain the end of vs 17.

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