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Sun, Mar 03, 2019

Where's The Fruit

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Luke 3:7-14

               WHERE'S THE FRUIT

                    LUKE 3:7-14

1.  Who specifically is John taking about in verse 7?


2.  What does John mean by "brood of vipers"?


3.  What did John understand that a lot of people today don't?


4.  Where in the New Testament does it say that people are under God's wrath right now?


5.  What is John calling the people to do in verse 8?


6.  Why did the religious leaders think they did not have to repent?


7.  Explain verse 9.


8.  Explain what John is saying in verses 11-14.

     A.  the people


     B.  the tax collectors


     C.  the soldiers


9.  How does all of this apply to us today?


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